DeSci Chicago


exploring decentralized science and healthcare initiatives 

September 14th, 2023

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DeSci Chicago is a one-day conference for advancing progress in science and healthcare:

  1. Convenes those interested in exploring decentralized approaches to healthcare and science
  2. Showcases decentralized science projects and progress with ties to the Midwest. 

What you can expect

A series of workshops, discussions, and presentations from established DeSci leaders. Subjects explore the state of decentralized advancements in open science, intellectual property (IP), agriculture, medicine, and much more.

Conference Goals

To introduce the Midwest to the potential of DeSci to keep the Midwest at the forefront of emerging technological innovations in science and healthcare and begin establishing the Midwest as a global hub for DeSci.

Who's it for?

Helping scientific and healthcare organizations understand opportunities in decentralization

Medical Providers

discover new approaches to interacting with patient data


understand opportunities in research funding & publications


explore the landscape & new science investment mediums


bridge web3 into scientific and healthcare institutions with confidence

Web3 Natives

experience projects that use blockchain for good

Join us September 14, 2023 in the West Loop at one of the largest VC funds in the Midwest to explore what opportunities the world of DeSci holds for you or your organization

Advancing the Midwest's scientific future with DeSci

Be at the forefront

Establish yourself at the forefront of DeSci’s advancement and expansion throughout the Midwest. Play a part in shaping our future.

Ways to get involved:
  • Speak/Showcase – for DeSci natives to share their expertise or project
  • Volunteer – be hands on support for DeSci Chicago (all skillsets are welcome)
  • Ongoing Projects – share ideas you would like to collaborate with DeSci leaders on
  • Partner – provide financial or in kind resources to support DeSci Chicago’s operations
  • Community Partner – individually support DeSci Chicago’s growth and mission

Our Partners

Join these community leaders in partnering with DeSci Chicago to work towards establishing the Midwest as a global hub for decentralized scientific and healthcare advancement.

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